Is Your App Really Protecting Your Information from Prying Eyes?

Most apps are convenient and have a lot of great features, when it comes to TRULY protecting your private information…They’re just not safe enough.

The way many apps are built offers too many opportunities for hackers to access your data.

Many encrypt data when it’s going to or from your device and encrypt it while it’s stored on the cloud. BUT THEY own the encryption keys. Which means they can see your data anytime they want.

In other words, these apps don’t protect your data using true end-to-end encryption.

The result? A good number of popular apps have fallen victim to illegal hacking and phishing campaigns targeting their users.

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Introducing BSafes

BSafes offers encrypted PAGE, FOLDER, NOTEBOOK, DIARY, and BOX for you to write, back up, organize, and share private data.

Your device automatically encrypts every bit of your data with your own key before sending it to the cloud. No others could see your data, not even us at BSafes.

Powered by AWS Cloud Computing

BSafes is built on the same reliable, scalable infrastructure used to power’s global web properties.

Get Professional Features

Write or back up files
exactly the way you want, whether
it’s your first time or
you’re a long time pro.


Take notes, write down your thoughts, or keep business records with rich-content editor. Everything is automatically encrypted.

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Back up

Back up your important files, with
automatic encryption.

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Mobile Optimised

Write and back up files easily on your mobile devices with automatic encryption.

View multiple pages on screen

Be productive with multiple pages on screen.

Take notes beside another app

On computer, iPad or other tablets, you could use BSafes beside another app. For example, you could take notes while video conferencing.

Time machine

With version control, you could open any previous versions.


Why do you need to protect your data and notes with BSafe’s end-to-end encryption? Download our whitepaper to find out.

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Just How Safe is the 256-bit
Encryption Used by BSafes?

To demonstrate just how safe your data is from hackers, listen to what cybersecurity consultant Bharat Mistry has to say: “It would take fifty supercomputers an estimated 3.4 x 1,038 years to break the commonly used 256-bit encryption key.” We doubt there are any hackers with that much computing power … OR that much time on their hands.

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BSafe’s Features

BSafe’s Features Are Great For Teams. It offers superior
security, and so much more. It also has features that make it an
effective tool for business and personal projects.

Collaboration Capabilities

BSafes is built for teams. Account owners can add as many teammates as they want. Each member has their own private workspace, as well as a collaboration space where they can share files, read and write shared notes.

Easy Searchability

BSafes breaks down every note and information item into searchable words and phrases. So it’s easy to search for and pull up old notes whenever you need them. BSafes makes it easy to search notes and documents by date, as well.

Compatible With Tools You Already Use

BSafes is compatible with all modern HTML 5 browsers on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. It also incorporates easily with any apps that could open a web page, such as EMail, Evernote, Signal, WhatsApp, Slack, etc.

Easy Navigation

Never get lost amid your files, notes and pages. On the upper left corner of every item, you can see the path that leads to that item

Simple and effective organization

BSafes offers users boxes, folders, notebooks, diaries and other tools for organizing data, notes and pages.

Offsite Backup

BSafes offers a desktop app that allows users to download personal and team notes onto a local computer for offline backup and reading.

Media Sharing

BSafes users can add rich content like photos, images, audio, video or other file attachments to pages. You can attach up to 100 files, with a size of up to 500MB, to every page!

Customizable Themes, Actions and Editors

BSafes users can tweak and customize their online space to look and function exactly how they want it to. Custom editors help users work with tools like Code, Markdown, and control features like styles, colors, alignment, table styles, document formats and more.

How to Get Started

Follow these 6 simple steps to protect your sensitive information.

  1. Sign up for a free 30-day trial account.
  2. Create your own key.
  3. Start writing or backing up your private data.Choose page, folder, notebook, diary, or box to organize your data.
  4. Add other members to your account.You could add as many members as you need.
  5. Add teams and add members to teams.You could add as many teams as you need.
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One-Stop Writing, Encryption, Backup, and Sharing
Service is Yours

One account can accommodate unlimited members and teams.
It’s an incredible value compared to other note taking apps!

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  • Unlimited members
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  • Unlimited upload bandwidth
  • 10GB storage
  • 5GB download bandwidth
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1.Is it easy to use BSafes?

Yes. BSafes provides an easy-to-use, rich-text editor for you to write, as well as a drag-and-drop interface for you to back up files. Everything is automatically encrypted. Your writing and backup are instantly available on all your other devices. Please see videos or help .

2.How does BSafes protect my data?

Your data is end-to-end encrypted with your own key, so no one(not even us) could see your data. Also, you could enable two-factor authentication for your account to add an extra layer of protection.

3.I use Google drive and Evernote, why do I still need BSafes?

Like many cloud service providers, Google and Evernote could see your data when needed. As this Twitter hack shows, data without end-to-end encryption could be easily seen by insiders threats within cloud service providers.

4.Where is my data physically stored?

Your data is stored on the same reliable, scalable infrastructure used to power’s global web properties.

5.Can I back up my own data from BSafes?

Yes. BSafes provides a desktop app for you to download and view your own data from BSafes. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux(Ubuntu).

6.How does team collaboration work on BSafes?

The BSafes account owner could add as many members as needed. A member could add teams and invite other members to join a team. All team members work on the same team workspace to collaborate on writings and files.

7.How to integrate BSafes with other apps, such as Email or Slack?

Whenever you want to store or share sensitive information, store the sensitive information in BSafes. Next, put a link to a BSafes item instead of putting the sensitive information directly in the app that lacks encryption.

About Us

BSafes was born when two tech professionals realized that they didn’t have a truly safe place to store and share their notes, proprietary ideas, and private information.

Mr. Shih-Chin Yang and Ms. Hsiao-Wen Lin had been using popular solutions like Email, Skype, Google and Fiverr to communicate and share files with each other and their customers and collaborators.

But, having worked as programmers in Silicon Valley for companies including 3Com and Lockheed Martin, they were fully aware of the risk that many solutions posed to their important data.

They founded their own company, Wu-Nan technology, and created BSafes to use internally to protect their own projects and information.

Realizing the value it could offer professionals and individuals around the world, they made BSafes an client-side open-source encryption solution, available by subscription, in 2019.

The programmers of Wu-Nan technology hope you get as much value and peace of mind from BSafes as they do!

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